First and foremost I am driven by my own interest in visual story telling and image making techniques and this drives my proffesional work. As a proffesional I provide remote creative solutions such as Texturing/Look Development, Environment Modelling, Lighting and compositing to companies within the CGI sphere.

Over the past five years, I have worked in the VFX, Animation and virtual reality industries working as a CG Generalist/Lighting artist, Environment Artist and Texture/Look Development Artist. In my spare time I work on passion projects which is usually photo-realistic narrative based renderings or else traditional paintings. I have been the recipient of numerous awards and funds for painting and set design and I have exhibited artwork in many exhibitions and very recently I exhibited my first ever 3d render at the 191st Annual Exhibition at the Royal Hibernian Academy Dublin.

I consider myself an interdisciplinary artist working in a wide range of different mediums such as; CGI, virtual reality, painting and photography. Originally, I began my art career as an oil painter having studied at the National College of Art and Design. At NCAD I completed my BFA and MFA in Fine Art Painting and Fine Art Media respectively and during my time there I spent years learning the fundamentals and studying visual culture. It was curiosity that led me to transition from Paint to Media. Two of the main reasons were my interest in this new medium of Virtual Reality and how it could be used to change how people viewed artworks and computer-generated imagery and how that could be used to create environments as reference for oil paintings. These interests essentially led me on the journey I am still currently on - to learn all about these things and eventually bring the traditional and the digital together to create something new and inovative.