I have spent a very long time planning to create an art studio that will allow me to do everything from oil painting to virtual reality and VFX. This Studio allows me to work remotely and efficiently for any company around the world. Working remotely is not only good for the planet but also good for artists as it allows us to save time on travel and spend more time on what matters - being creative!

In 2022 I set up Darragh Dempsey Studio which is a creative studio aimed at providing creative problem-solving solutions for companies within the VFX, Animation and Games industries as well as creating my own digital and traditional artworks that will become available through my store and in exhibitions in the near future. The studio fuses together all of my interests across multiple creative mediums and comprises of High-End Industry Standard Computer Graphics equipment, a 360°  Virtual Reality setup. Photography/Photogrammetry equipment and a tonne of traditional painting tools and equipment.